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Archive for July 2013

Aiming for Your Goals

Are you competing in a Figure or Fitness competition and want to look your best? Do you have an exotic vacation planned and you want to look amazing in your bathing suite? Do you look up to a certain person and want to look just like them? These types of goals are focused on all…

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Beast Mode Mouse

Might as well get some reps in while under the bar!! I can’t tell if these are JM Presses or Tricep Extensions. Life is always gonna be full of challenges, think positive and just roll with the punches!!

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Organic Primal Pepperoni Pizza

So I gotta say, this pizza really surprised me. It is super delicious and great to make for a weekend cheat meal. This is a low carb primal recipe, not paleo. I still love my All ingredients I bought were organic. So lets gets started on how to make this yummy pizza. Ingredients: For…

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The Conventional Deadlift

I think deadlifts should be incorporated in everyone’s workout. Doing proper deadlifts will potentially help improve strength, speed strength, flexibility and core strength. There are two kinds of deadlifts; conventional and sumo. For now, I will be providing some info on technique and proper form on the conventional deadlift. The Conventional Deadlift The Conventional Deadlift is…

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