What Motivates Me To Be Healthy and Stay Fit

People often ask me, “What keeps you going?” or “How do you stay motivated?”. For me it is really the fact that I cherish being healthy and I love working out. Our bodies were NOT meant to sit on couches staring at glowing screens all day! Here are a few more things that motivate me:

#1. I do it to relieve stress. After the end of every workout I have a sense of calmness and well being. I let all my stress and frustration out on the weights and I gotta admit, it feels really good.

#2. I do it for my health. Exercising and eating healthy will develop a strong and healthy heart, reduce chances of  developing cancer, prevent diabetes, give you great skin, and lead to a longer life. The benefits really are endless but feeling like you have more energy throughout the day is another plus.

#3. I do it to look better. For most of us appearance isn’t everything, but we still care about how we look. I believe a strong and healthy person just looks better. I feel that people who are healthy and fit show confidence and a sense of self accomplishment.

#4. Last but not least, I do it to be strong. If you have never done focused weight training before then you really are missing out.  Training with weights results in a total transformation that you will feel and see after just a few weeks. For me it feels good to know that I can lift heavy things if I need to – and it’s great to see people’s reactions when I’m warming up with their max. ;P

There you have it, these are a few things that keep me going.

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